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Prayer is vital to our personal relationship with Jesus Christ and an effective ministry of our church. Each of us needs to worship God daily for who He is, thank Him for what He does, to pray for ourselves and intercede on behalf of others. SPC offers several opportunities to pray for others or to have others pray for you. Members and friends are encouraged to be a part of the Prayer Ministry.

The Prayer Ministry includes a 7-day-a-week, 24-hours per day prayer vigil. Participants commit to pray for one hour a week. Each month a prayer list of the needs and concerns of the congregation, pastors and ministry directors is compiled. The prayer list is available to those participating in the prayer vigil.

The people of SPC are willing to pray for you and your loved ones when there is an urgent situation or for daily needs and concerns. For emergency or urgent prayer requests for you or your family, call 317-534-2900 during office hours and your request will be put on the prayer phone tree and people will be contacted to pray immediately. The request will also be shared with the prayer group. The pastors may be called in the case of an emergency.

If you are requesting prayer for other persons, please respect their privacy and obtain their permission prior to making the request known.

Prayer Requests via the Website - Use the form below to enter your prayer request. Your prayer request will be delivered to the office at SPC and then distributed by e-mail to members of your Prayer Team.

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