PROMISES | Into darkness, Light…

In an age of uncertainty and rapid change with increasing confusion between right and wrong, truth and falsehood, a haunting question arises: what is going on and how do we as God’s people live in response? When the culture assumes the church is either irrelevant or to be dismissed as archaic and extreme, how is the church to thrive. In days like this, is there any hope for the future?

As relevant as these questions are for us today, they are not the first time God’s people have asked them. It is the very backdrop for the church in Galatia. In his letter to them, Paul drove them to the centrality of the Gospel and the indispensable necessity of living out the implications of it. He offered a promise of life that was true then as in the Garden of Eden, the plains of Ur, the banks of the Nile, the walls of Jerusalem, and the gardens of Babylon. A promise built on that victorious day when God carried a cross on His back up the hill of Calvary to shed His blood and give His life, once and for all time.

Together, we’ll explore how Paul’s message speaks to the Church today. How all we need—all we have ever needed—is the gospel of God’s unmerited favor to us through Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

Might the promises of God, unfettered by the winds of culture, give us freedom for our present and a hope for our future?