Kingdom Economics | The Formational Power of Foundational Grace

What do you love? What do you want? What drives your daily life and habits?

Many Christians find that the life they are living does not match the life they feel they were created to live, or even the one they wish they could. For us, a life of gladness and generosity is built on grace. Counter to a culture which rewards those who create a kingdom for themselves, the gospel instead calls the Christian to build the Kingdom of God. And the economy of the Kingdom transcends the earthly economy, for it is not founded on dollars and cents and an earthly marketplace, but rather on grace paid for, once and for all, by the sacrifice of Christ on the cross—and you are now free to live a life formed by the power of the grace of God. You are free to be generous.

Indeed, the grace of Jesus is a gift, and those who know grace give generously. In grace, you are free to be at peace, free to be satisfied, and free to be generous.