Adult Classes and Discipleship

Looking for ways to deepen your understanding of the Christian faith?

Adult Christian Education (ACE) is more than just “Sunday School”. All of us are life-long learners, whether we are intentional about it or not. The Session and Discipleship leadership of SPC have identified ACE as a priority for our congregation. We want to encourage you to take a look at the options available here at SPC and and then take the opportunity invest and involve yourself. It may be a new idea or it may be a new commitment to an old discipline that you’ve been neglecting for years. Regardless, it is an invitation for the present moment. Dive in and learn! It’s not only good for you, it’s biblical.

“Therefore let us leave the elementary doctrine of Christ and go on to maturity
(Hebrews 6:1)

“Everyone who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”
(Matthew 7:24)

Contact: The Church Office at 534-2900

In keeping with the SPC vision: Love God. Love each other. Serve the world., we are listing ACE opportunities in each of those three categories.

Love God

ACE acknowledges the need for our congregation to love God more fully, which requires getting to know Him, growing in relationship and deepening in faith. To foster these ends, the following offerings are available.

Crosswalk Class:
NEW Series Begins April 3:
In THE CHURCH AWAKENING, Charles Swindoll discusses the challenges, struggles, and priorities of the church in the twenty-first century. He reveals the problems inherent in the entertainment-based postmodern church and shows how a return to biblical teaching will restore its strength and impact. Now being replaced by a feel-good message instead of what Christians need to know to stand strong in a world that's lost its way--Swindoll exposes the problems of--and solutions for--the postmodern evangelical church.

Discovery Class
Meets each Sunday in the dining room at 11:00 a.m. For the summer they will be hosted by the Crosswalk class (still at 11:00) for the series "30 Stories". See above for details.

Beth Moore Bible Study Groups
These studies are currently in progress with more to come. If you have an interest, contact Marcia Davault to learn of upcoming opportunities to invest in this non-Sunday, alternative ACE program. Both daytime and evening groups are offered.

Tuesday Morning Women’s Bible Study
This group has been meeting for many years and are currently studying the Harmony of the Gospels and would welcome you at any time to attend. The group meets in Toney Chapel each Tuesday morning at 10:00 a.m., from March to December. Contact Maxine Heid, Marcia Harris or Madelyn Glidden for information.

Tuesday Morning Men’s Bible Study
Meets weekly at 10:00 a.m., in room CE-26 for shared study and fellowship. Henry Date leads this group which is currently studying Romans. This study is ongoing and new members are welcome. Call the church office for more information.

Saturday Men’s Prayer Breakfast
Meets weekly at 7:30 a.m. at the Southview Campus for prayer, breakfast, study and fellowship. New members are welcome. Call the church office for information.

Love Each Other

ACE acknowledges the need for our congregation to not limit its love to God but to carry it into all of our relationships, choices and spheres of influence. Every decision we make has a spiritual impact. To expand our ability to love each other as Christ’s ambassadors to a broken world, the following offerings are available.

Truth-Seeker Class - 11:00 a.m., room CE-7
Beginning Sunday, January 11, please join us for a new study of Paul: A Man of Grace and Grit What do you know about the Apostle Paul? Scholars and painters depict him as a solemn individual who spent all his time piously meditating over his books. In fact, he faced rejection by his family and friends. He was beaten and left for dead. People conspired to kill him. Would you have struggled on to preach the Gospel under those circumstances? Join us as we set out to learn about this man of God who was no cloistered saint tucked away in a dusty study. Get ready to meet Paul – a man of grace and grit. We’ll be using Chuck Swindoll’s book by the same name. David Lantz facilitating. Every class is a blessed time of prayer, fellowship and learning. Plus, it's fun!

Single and Parenting
These classes strive to help single parents as they seek to live intentional and godly lives amid the unique challenges they face. If you are interested in this or future classes, call the church office or check the website for upcoming class information.

This program seeks to provide Christian care and counsel to individuals and families struggling with the challenges of divorce. If you would like more information about current or future offerings of this course, contact Pam Sheward through the church office.

Offers both a useful curriculum and focused pastoral care to individuals struggling with grief. Classes are ongoing. If you would like more information about current or future courses, call the church office.

Financial Peace University
This 13 week course will be offered beginning with a free introductory session on January 9, 2013. Financial Peace University is a course designed by Dave Ramsey with the particular goal of helping Christians understand their finances through a spiritual lens. This class is not only for people who identify problems with their money management, but it is also useful to those who simply want to expand their understanding of what Scripture offers as guidance in this complex area of living. Gary and Michelle Lee will be teaching this course which will meet in the dining room on Monday nights from 6:30-8:30 p.m., beginning on January 23. There is a fee associated with this course, and registration is required.

Serve The World

ACE acknowledges the need for our congregation not just to be served, but to serve. Toward that end, we offer the following opportunities to grow in awareness of spiritual gifts, to learn skills needed for leadership and to begin a ministry of service.

Uniquely You Workshops
These workshops are offered in conjunction with our New Member Classes and are open to the congregation. The workshops will help you identify your unique gifts and explore ways to use them in service here at SPC. The next offering will be held along with the next New Member Class. Watch the Faith & Life Weekly for future opportunities to complete this valuable course.

Leadership Training
If you would like to get involved as a teacher or Life Group leader, try your hand at helping in worship, get involved as a youth coach or mentor, or participate in some other area of leadership, we want to help. Contact the church office to request a call, and a member of the ACE or Discipleship group will help you build an individual curriculum through which you can explore, shadow another worker or assist in an area of interest to develop your gifts more fully. We believe each individual in our congregation is here by God’s design and has a unique gift to offer in service to the Lord. We desire to help you both discover your gift and use it for the blessing of the church.

Are you looking for a way to connect?
Join a Life Group! If you are looking for a way to connect at SPC, a Life Group may be just the place for you. It's an opportunity for fellowship and to get to know other people from church on a more personal level. Call 534-2900 for more information.