DivorceCare offers:


DivorceCare is a specially-designed weekly support group and seminar (13 weeks) for people experiencing separation and divorce that has touched hundreds of thousands of lives in groups worldwide.

DivorceCare meets each Wednesday starting September 26, at 6:30 p.m. at the McFarland campus.

Weekly seminar topics include: The Road to Healing/Finding Help, Facing My Anger, Facing My Depression, Facing My Loneliness, What Does the Owner’s Manual Say?, New Relationships, Financial Survival, KidCare, Single Sexuality, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Moving On/Growing Closer to God.

Each weekly session is self-contained, so anyone can attend the DivorceCare group on any week, then can continue through the next cycle to pick up any topics not covered.

The cost is $16 for program materials. Call the church office, 534-2900, to register or for more information.