Prayer Requests

Prayer Tree - For URGENT prayer requests, call the church during office hours at 317-534-2900, OR call Marcia Harris at 317-881-7130 after office hours. Provide your specific and brief prayer request. These requests are then sent immediately for prayer via the SPC phone tree.

A group of Prayer Warriors committed to pray will then pray for the request. If you are a family member, we will post the name of your family member only with your/their permission. If you are not a family member, then a general posting will be made, until a family member can be contacted.

Prayer Request Cards - These cards can be obtained from the Prayer bulletin board in the main hallway next to the church library or from the maroon friendship pads in either the Worship Center or the Toney Chapel. Complete your prayer request form and place it in the offering plate, give it to a Deacon or place it in the Prayer Request box outside the doors of the Worship Center. These requests are then distributed by e-mail to members of our Prayer Team.

Prayer Requests via the Website - Use the form below to enter your prayer request. Your prayer request will be delivered to the office at SPC and then distributed by e-mail to members of your Prayer Team.

Prayer requests sent via the website should not include specific
names. Please contact the church office with specific requests.

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