Family Tae Kwon Do

martial_artsFamily Tae Kwon Do is a year round program.

At SPC, we offer a Tae Kwon Do program that is great for the whole family. Class is held each Tuesday night from 7-8 p.m.

From our Instructor: Mark Huehls 4th Dan WTF

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art of unarmed, unassisted self defense. We train in kicking, punching, blocking and getting out of the way. As our physical skills develop we gain self confidence, self esteem and we also learn respect, patience, self discipline, modesty and humility. We teach Tae Kwon Do in the Korean tradition, and Korean terminology is frequently used during instruction. Our accomplishments are measured by our improvement in executing techniques and in our knowledge and understanding of the character traits we learn. Anyone capable of aerobics is able to train in Tae Kwon Do.

We currently have a waiting list for families interested in joining our Tae Kwon Do program. To be added to the list or for more information use the form below. Due to the limited enrollment and low cost, please be aware that this program is very popular. It may take 3-6 months until a space becomes available. Children must be at least age 7 and preference is given to those who are participating with other family members such as a parent or sibling.

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