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What does it mean to belong to a church?
What’s the next step in my Christian life?
Why become a member at SPC?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, come find the answers at our New Members Class. This class will help you become better acquainted with SPC. It’s open to all individuals, couples and families who:

  • Have come to faith in Jesus, and are ready to make a public profession of faith and be sealed in baptism.
  • Worship with us and want to make SPC their church home through membership.
  • Simply want to learn more about the Gospel and this church.

SPC elders will lead individuals and couples. A Children's Ministry leader will facilitate a separate discussion for parents and their children using age-appropriate messages and materials. This format helps ensure that everyone who attends receives meaningful instruction.

Have Questions?
Contact Kathy Smith at or 534-2900.

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More About Church Membership

Followers of Jesus belong to the church. When the Father pours out his grace upon you in Christ and you respond in faith, you are part of the church. The church literally means "the called out." The church is the called out people of God. Called out of sin. Called out of darkness. Called to belong to God in Jesus. The "called out" people of God are gathered together, or congregate, in the name of Jesus.

As a Christian, you are part of God's people past, present, and future -- which is the Church universal. Southport Presbyterian Church is not the Church, but a church. SPC is not the Church universal, but a particular church on the south side of Indianapolis that belongs to the Church universal. Joining SPC is a public affirmation of your faith in Jesus. Becoming a member of SPC is a visible commitment to Christ. It also particularizes your universal membership in the Church with a local representation of the people of God (SPC). In other words, local church membership shows your universal "called out" status in Jesus.

A fitting analogy for church membership is marriage. The Scriptures refer to the church as the bride of Christ (Revelation 19:7). Therefore, joining a local church is like marriage. You seal your commitment. You take vows to show your fidelity. You are no longer dating. God brings you into his covenant. Therefore, you belong solely to Christ and his church.

The two signs that God gives to seal this covenant relationship and visibly show the sta-tus of being "called out" are baptism and the Lord's Supper. Baptism is a water washing that points to cleansing of sin we have in Jesus. Through baptism, believers and their children are marked as belonging to Christ. This one time sign is given as an entrance into the "called out" life of following Jesus.

The Lord's Supper is a sign that we are nourished unto eternal life through Jesus. Eating the bread and drinking the cup from the table is a confession of God's claim over your life. You acknowledge that God has called you out in Jesus and you lay hold of that claim for yourself. Through the Lord's Supper, you enter the covenant relationship God has opened up for you and sealed upon your life through baptism. And you do so with the congregation of the "called out" -- the church.

The status of being "called out" is a gift from the Father. As flawed as it may be, the Church is a gift from the Father. Without His grace, we would not be made new in Jesus. With-out His grace, we would not be part of His people -- the Church. Church membership makes this grace visible.