Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry training begins on Thursday, January 12!

A program that equips Christians to care for others.

When trouble, tragedy or tough times hit our friends, family and neighbors, most of us react the same way: “How can I help?” Too often, though, we feel unprepared and ill-equipped to reach out to the lost and hurting in meaningful, enduring ways.

Answering the call for help

In order to equip Christians to effectively care for those in need, SPC is launching the Stephen Ministry training course on January 12.

Life-changing training

Stephen Ministry training blends lectures, videos, devotions, discussions and activities, all led by SPC personnel in our facility. Classes cover such topics as listening, Christian caring, setting boundaries, handling crises and maintaining confidentiality. Class participants who complete the training will be commissioned as Stephen Ministers and be paired with care recipients.

Stephen Ministry prepares men and women to provide one-on-one Christian care to individuals who need support through difficult circumstances. Care recipients may be experiencing loss, grief, illness or injury, divorce, loneliness, discouragement, birth/adoption, infertility, spiritual crisis, unemployment or incarceration.

Don’t we have pastors for that?

SPC is actively growing, with more than 1,300 members and increasing attendance. Our pastors can more ably care for those in need at SPC when backed by a whole team of compassionate individuals specially trained to serve those who are grieving, suffering or needing encouragement. The Stephen Ministry is a significant way we as a church can live out our mission to “Love God. Love each other. Serve the world.”

Is God leading you to the Stephen Ministry?

Consider becoming an SPC Stephen Minister if:

  • Your gifts include supporting, encouraging, listening to and praying for others.
  • You’re looking for an opportunity to get to know others at SPC and in the community.
  • You want to develop relational skills you can use in all areas of life.
  • You love Jesus and want to share His love and comfort with people in need.

Stephen Ministers can come from any background and social, economic and ethnic group. All have one common trait: A strong desire to share Christ’s love in times of trial.

For more information, call Associate Pastor Glen Massey at (317) 534-2900 or Mrs. LaMarr Smith, Stephen Ministry Leader at (317) 509-1288.