Meet the Sr High Youth Director

My Name is Paul Gearhart.

Don’t let the gray hair fool you. I am only 54. When I graduated from Taylor University with a business? degree, God guided me to work with Youth For Christ, Campus Life for 3 years. He then took a relationship I had with Southport Presbyterian Church (SPC), turned it into a clear call to youth ministry at SPC and has not removed that call. I am in my 30th year of serving God’s Kingdom of teenagers. What a gift. Love it. I love Jesus and His Word. I love Becky (she is my wife for 26 years now); I love my three kids (Chrissa, Michael, Stephen); and I love teenagers.

I had the privilege of growing up in a home that loved Jesus and led me to Him. God, through His patience every day, helps me to understand the good news of Jesus' grace in my life. Each day I experience Christ through His Holy Spirit in my life. It is an honor to make the Lord my lifelong pursuit and I get to do so along with teenagers, with a great bunch of adult volunteers and with a church that dearly cares about the teenagers of our community.

Click here to e-mail Paul or call him at 317-534-2900.